Who we are.

For many years, our company has been reliable support for students and provided the necessary academic assistance. Having extensive experience, we know for sure how important it is to constantly improve in order to meet the modern requirements of our market and the needs of our customers. This is how the Edusharky appeared, which has become a reliable tool in achieving goals for thousands of users.

The secret of successfully creating your paper.

We have come a long way as a company and have considered customer feedback throughout our operations. During our existence, we have clearly formulated an opinion on how to optimize the process of creating papers in such a way that all requirements are always met.

The recipe for making this a reality is simple: we enable our clients to communicate directly with their author. This opens up tremendous opportunities for you because this tandem guarantees the correct compliance with the requirements and the availability of feedback from both sides during the creation of the paper.

Honesty of our services and guarantees for the client.

With Edusharky, you can be sure that:

  • Only you decide who will be the author of your paperwork. Choose the one who you think will be perfect for this. Communicate with the author and control the process. Feel free to add any corrections or proofreading until you are completely happy with the result.
  • Manage your money. Learn about your writer and decide for yourself whether the cost of the service suits you and whether you want to change any of the parameters affecting this.
  • Leave honest reviews. Customers who have used the services of our company evaluate the work of the author so that you can make your objective choice right now.

Loyalty of pricing.

A distinctive feature of our company is the fact that we do not require you to pay for the author's services before he takes up your work. We understand that trust is something that must be earned. Once you place your order, authors will start to check your requirements and the time frame in which you need to complete the order. First of all, this allows you to avoid failure with deadlines.

After the writers have checked the details of your order, you can see all the proposals from the authors regarding the fulfillment of your paper. Compare a few of them and see if his skills are right for you. Once you get started, you can control the entire process of creating paper.

Formulate your wishes and requirements as clearly and understandably as possible so it can help the author to understand you better. A combination of all of the above guarantees the creation of flawless paper!

We are developing in order to make you happy!

Our company has created a perfect formula, the result of which is the ideal form of cooperation between a client who does not have enough time to study and a writer who gives him his experience to solve problems.

We do everything so that, in the end, both cooperating sides have advantages and are satisfied with the process and end result. Our company works for you, just make sure of it yourself right now!

Language test

We receive applications from writers all over the world, and to make sure they are proficient in English, the very first step is passing the test on knowledge of English. This helps us leave out unskilled candidates.

Step 1.

Writing skills

The following stage is completing various kinds of academic papers in their major field of expertise. It helps us check the level of their academic writing skills. This allows us to see whether the writer can handle assignments on topics they claim to be experienced in.

Step 2.

Verifying identity

Before we organize an interview with our candidates, we require them to verify their identity. We also ensure their education is confirmed by diplomas and certificates. Thus, we make sure no unqualified or random candidates move to the next stage.

Step 3.

Online Interview

After the candidate confirms all the required qualifications, skills, and experience, we arrange an online interview. This is a crucial step to ensure that the writer realizes and shares our goals and principles. We also explain how our service works.

Step 4.

Starting off

Once we approve the writer’s account, we contact them to inform them in detail about the work of our platform and respond to any of their questions. We pay much attention to supporting new writers to ensure that our customers receive top-level services.

Step 5.


We established an award system to single out the writers who can work efficiently while keeping the high quality of each paper produced. We provide both permanent and temporary awards. Despite that certain awards are permanent, an award can be granted to the same writer a few times. You will see the number of times while pointing at the award sign.

Triple Ten

This award is given to the author who finishes working on 10 orders within a 10-day period and achieves a maximum rating for each one (10 out of 10).


Nine Plus

This one is awarded to a writer who has finished over 5 orders and is presently holding a rating higher than 9.0


Proved Functionality

This award is given to the authors who complete over 15 orders (with the customer's rate 8.0 or higher) in a month, and over 80% of orders are completed on time.

At the moment, over 80 authors are holding this award.


The writer of the month

This award is granted individually for excellent carrying out the tasks based on the customer reviews, timely delivery, percentage of returning customers, and other aspects.


The Newcomer of the Month

This is an award for new authors granted according to the number of orders and customer reviews they receive during the first month of work. This is a temporary award given on a monthly basis.


Customer Loyalty

The writers who have over 20% of returning customers receive this award with regard to all the customers they worked for (beginning with 10 returning customers altogether).

For now, over 130 authors are granted this award.

Our Support Team

Edusharky team is always ready to help any client at any time!
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Head of Writers

Jacques Garcia
writers account manager

Writers Account Manager

David Attwood
head of customer support

Head of Customer Support

Sarah Young
dispute resolution manager

Dispute Resolution Manager

Marla Parker
email marketer

Email Marketer

Zhess Brickman
quality assurance manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Liza Hardman

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